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Plants and Flowers

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Happy Halloween 2017

2017 Summer Vacation

Glow in the dark golf.

Fox River at Pottawatomie Park

Goats at the Zoo!

Medieval Times

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View from Chrysler House

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Are you Creative or Just Crazy?

Many of the people that have known me throughout my life have labeled me as different. Some have delivered the label as a compliment and others as an insult. Some would call me creative, others would call me crazy, and still others would say that there is a fine line between the two.

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Greenville, NC 2015

These are photos at the hotel we stayed at. We liked how it was landscaped nicely and very comfortable.

These beautiful Crape Myrtle trees are native to South Carolina.


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Asheville, NC 2015

Here are some photos from our visit to Asheville which include some interesting shops, art, architectural details, and interesting characters.

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My Autobiography

I consider being afforded the opportunity to join the Innovation team at Chrysler a great honor. Even more so as I was given a position at the center of Chrysler innovation: Innovation Space Manager. To be thought of as an innovator is a compliment. It means that someone has the faith in you to think . . . → Read More: My Autobiography

Garden Update 2014

The garden is really thriving and I am learning a lot about what to do for next year.

Here is a regular visitor to my yard. He jumped up behind the garden fencing when I startled him.

Hiding behind the fence

It is nice to see toads and frogs around. These delicate amphibians . . . → Read More: Garden Update 2014

The Garden of 2014

This is my first real garden. Things are going well and I have already learned what I need to do differently next year.

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