View from Chrysler House

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My Autobiography

I consider being afforded the opportunity to join the Innovation team at Chrysler a great honor. Even more so as I was given a position at the center of Chrysler innovation: Innovation Space Manager. To be thought of as an innovator is a compliment. It means that someone has the faith in you to think . . . → Read More: My Autobiography

Innovation Space Facilitator

That is the title of my new position at Chrysler.


Above: Hotel Emporio where we stayed. The church is across the street at the corner.

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Back and Gone Again!

I just got back from Chicago yesterday and now I need to pack for Mexico! A week from today I will be flying all day to get there, tour a plant and return very late on Friday. That ought to put me behind in my homework! Wish me luck!






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More Chrysler Open House Photos

These photos are here courtesy of SCOOP!

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40,000 Visit Chrysler Celebration Day Open House

Here is an article from the Chrysler Scoop:

Paid May 24, 2011

Chrysler Mueseum Visit March 29, 2011

Click here to visit the Walter P. Chrysler Museum online.

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Central Michigan