Naples, Italy

Here we are on the 5 hour train ride from Venice to Naples. Nothing beats a high speed train for travel.

Of course by the time we got to Naples we were exhausted and suffering from vacation fatigue. So, maybe we will come back some time when we are more rested.

Here is a . . . → Read More: Naples, Italy

Venice, Italy

Welcome to Venice!

Yep, that is snow. Snow in Venice. Apparently they get snow about three times every winter. And it is winter after all.

Down that dark alley is my hotel. Here is what it looks like during the day:

Here is the room:

Here is Venice:

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Florence, Italy

Welcome to Florence!

We started in Florence by checking into our hotel the Relais Cavalcanti. Here is our room:


And here is the view out our window:


The rest of these photos are in chronological order. These are all from or around the Piazza della Repubblica:

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Rome, Italy

All roads lead to Rome!

Through the mountains courtesy of my generous host. Thank you again for the ride to Rome!


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Chieti, Italy

This is the hotel I stayed in south of Pescara. It is as nice as it looks. We visited with the IAM group for two days where I taught two classes on innovative thinking, idea generation, and idea selection.

As you can see, even though we are near the sea, we are also . . . → Read More: Chieti, Italy

Turin, Italy

After flight delays, dashing through the Atlanta airport, and listening to a crying baby for 9 hours we decided to have Gelato for breakfast in Rome.

Turin was only a little more than an hour flight from Rome. The Audi A3 broke down 8 blocks from the hotel and it took most of the day . . . → Read More: Turin, Italy


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