Turin, Italy

After flight delays, dashing through the Atlanta airport, and listening to a crying baby for 9 hours we decided to have Gelato for breakfast in Rome.IMG-20130209-00130

Turin was only a little more than an hour flight from Rome.  The Audi A3 broke down 8 blocks from the hotel and it took most of the day to get the Avis service company to respond and pick up the car.  After that we had a wonderful pizza lunch and began to explore the city.  The weather was wonderful in the 40’s.  Monday began with snow but, the reception of what we had to offer our Italian associates made up for the weather.


The bronze bull (Torino is the bull) embedded in the sidewalk brings luck to everyone who steps on it.2013-02-12-Bronze-Bull-0322

Turin is a beautiful city and our associates from Fiat and CRF were very gratious hosts.

Now on to Chieti!

2 comments to Turin, Italy

  • Jackie Richardson

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. It brings back memories of my time spent in Italy. Of course I lost all of my pictures in the fire that destroyed our home in 2009. So you know I really appreciate getting these. Continue to have a wonderful time and I look forward to being able to share your experience. Be safe and enjoy.

    Jackie R.

  • Good pictures, some look like it could be San Juan